COSMOPOLITAN Real Estate Inc. Testimonials

For a third time, I've signed a lease with Cosmopolitan Real Estate.

Previous to working with the fabulous Kelly Catallo, my experience with landlords in the Boston area has been less than perfect-- I'm talking teeth-pulling, soul-sucking, I'd rather be living with the rats in Allston, less than perfect. Alas! There came a landlord who not only responds promptly to concerns, but has the integrity to follow the law (let's be real, these are rare qualities in the renter's world). A few months ago the garbage disposal backed up into the bathtub of our apartment. The ingredients to the previous night's pesto were thoroughly less appealing as they gurgled up from the depths of the drain, mid-shower. Our attempts at plunging were feeble and Drain-o only added a chemical twist to the smell orgy. Exhausted, defeated, and wishing I had put less garlic in the pesto, I decided it'd be best to shoot Kelly a text. She replied promptly and had a plumber at our door within the hour. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see a man ready to snake my drain. This has been the theme to all of our household incidents and needs. Our scars and renter's trauma from previous landlords has us baffled by Kelly's no hesitation, action-oriented approach to problem-solving (hell, I was used to waiting for someone to translate our concerns to my previous landlord's native tongue). Luckily enough, Kelly and I both speak no-bullshit. Needless to say I am very excited to see how long I can keep my relationship with Cosmopolitan Real Estate alive and thriving.

Jeff T.

Kelly has been a wonderful resource and source of knowledge in the Real Estate world as we looked for a place to call home.

I have appreciated her honesty, kindness and patience while searching for and securing an apartment in the Medford area. We found a wonderful home and didn't have to jump through any hoops. Kelly knows her information and won't give you the run around you find at other businesses. I absolutely recommend working with her for any of your real estate needs!

Mary Timleton

We had a very positive experience working with Cosmopolitan Real Estate and Kelly, specifically.

She was extremely proactive in finding us properties that fit our needs and once we found one that we loved, she was fundamental in our efforts to close on the condo. She is an excellent communicator, and quick to respond to our emails, calls, and texts. She also was very knowledgeable throughout this entire process which we really appreciate as first time homeowners. She always kept us well informed and really listened to us throughout the entire process. Also, i love her office since it's a bright bubble gum pink and very welcoming :) I would highly and 100% recommend Kelly and her team to anyone in the Boston area!!

Sara and Ryan

I really liked working with the people at Cosmopolitan Real Estate.

They were very friendly with us and with each other at the office. It really goes a long way to see co-workers being friendly toward one another. I also was happy the way they handled paperwork. It seemed organized and complete. All of the work was taken care of in one sitting. They explained everything upfront and answered any questions we had regarding paperwork. They put us in contact with the landlord (who was eager to meet me anyway). I can't say I can give them a full 5 stars, but only because I didn't contact them at first to help me find a place. I would recommend them. Our agent was Anthony Catallo

Molly S.

Kelly was patient, showed us a variety of properties, and was able to get us a place we really, genuinely liked.

I've used Kelly twice now, and each time I've found her responsive, helpful, and willing to shop with us until we found a place we were really comfortable with. She also handled some of the more sensitive needs my roommates and I have had, and stuck around with us till we had a good place. Now, I know everyone has a broad spectrum of experiences with others, especially businesses, but mine were both great! I absolutely recommend them


An excellent Realtor!

! would highly recommend if looking to buy or sell a home. Within months she sold both my parents home for me and also my own. Both sales went very quickly, mine sold in exactly 14 days.

Susan Sheeran

Kelly Catallo was professional in all our interactions and thorough in all aspects of selling a Condo for us.

Would recommend her to anyone looking for a sincere Realtor who works very hard to complete the sale She was a pleasure to deal with it.

Nazira Wightman

I have been using Cosmopolitan for years with my rental units.

They have always done an outstanding job: professional, personable and responsive. I listed two units this past tuesday, and they were both re-rented with good quality renters by Friday. How can you beat that?

Frank Monaco

I came to Kelly with a tight schedule and very specific needs, and as a first time home buyer I couldn't be happier.

Kelly was very responsive and helped guide me through every step of the home buying process. Her experience was clearly shown as she was able to answer every question I had and was able to negotiate the purchase price lower than I had expected. Highly recommended!

Michael Donato

As a first time buyer she answered all my questions and took all the stress out of finding a home.

I looked at a lot of properties and took my time looking for the perfect place for me. A great experience. Working with Robin Ray and Cosmopolitan Real Estate.

Brian McCarthy

My wife and I and very happy with service and support we received from Kelly Catallo and her associates.

As first-time homebuyers in a very aggressive market, what could have been a daunting road to finding our home was rendered effortless through supportive consultation and constant, rapid communication. We are very happy with the home that we found, it took virtually no time to find it due in no small part to the diligence of Kelly's team. While we certainly don't foresee moving anytime soon, if we did, we wouldn't hesitate to rely on Kelly and her team again.

Rebecca and Joe

highly recommend Kelly Catallo for your real estate needs.

We recently sold a house using Kelly as our agent. She is very knowledgeable of the real estate market in the Boston area. She presented us with an impressive report of stats and comps for the area and town where the house is located. Kelly is very mindful of the financial and emotional stress involved in selling a home. She answered all of our questions as they came up. Since this was an estate sale, she dealt with lawyers, bank representatives and buyer in a very professional manner. She worked hard for us and got the job done with a price well over asking. I would definitely use Kelly Catallo and Cosmopolitan Real Estate again for the sale or purchase of real estate should the need arise

Kathy Guarino

Kelly is a veteran in the area of real estate.

She is very professional and you will find her honest and upfront with you. I highly recommend her to handle your real estate needs.

Mark Tonello

Kelly rented one of my apartments after a bad experience with another realtor.

She found great tenants for me and now she is redoing the lease due to the fact one tenant is moving out. Kelly trend a bad experience into a good one and 2 of 3 tenants will be there for 3 years. This has made my life much easier.

Ed Embriano

Do not use anyone else, Kelly has rocked my world for realtors and I have had a couple and both were nightmares.

Kelly Catallo is a Dream agent. We used her company to manage my property when we rented it and she is now being utilized to sell the same property. Responsiveness is off the charts and she is so incredibly nice. Highest of recommendation!!!

Brian Raboin

Kelly was a pleasure to work with was very knowledgeable of the area.

Her & her crew were absolutely awesome. Every detail was covered and then some. The house sold in a day. I highly recommend Kelly & her agency.

Lou Carbone

Working with Kelly has been a wonderful experience.

I first met Kelly when a home near me was having an open house on a miserable snowy day. The place was crowded with visitors. She took time to speak with me and arrange a short visit to see my place before going to her second open house for the day. When she walked into my house, she didn’t say, “Yes, I’ll be glad to be the agent for this house.” Instead, she said, “WOW” and had a vision for the type of person who would buy the house. Kelly has walked me through the process of selling a house with patience and compassion for someone who had not done a home sale in many years. At each step, she made sure that I understood what was being done and why it was being done. Kelly’s work did not stop after the closing. She has given valuable advice about temporary housing, recommendations for moving companies, and help with the moving out process (settling the final water bill, etc.). Kelly offers a “complete package” for the seller. I highly recommend her

Mary Platt

Kelly is a dynamo!

She helped us locate our new home even before it hit the market, and she sold our condo after the first showing. We bought for less than asking and sold for more than asking to the top bidder, both due to Kelly's expertise and negotiations. She was always available even for the insignificant questions, highly responsive, as well as organized. Having worked with more than six realtors in the past 30 years, Kelly is the best real estate broker we have met.

Sylvia and John

Kelly and her team helped me rent out a property for me.

She was able to rent out my property in 2wks even though there was so much other computation around the area. Kelly was great. She gave me realistic expectations of the market. She was available to answer any of my questions and she gave me expert advise. Her knowledge of real estate does show when she speaks. I would definitely use Kelly's services again.

Ali Shira

I couldn't be more satisfied with Kelly Catallo's educational background, vast network of professional references, and her ability to save me money!

 I have looked to her for reliable advice regarding home repairs, home selling, apartment rentals, and business office leasing.  She has always saved me money, time, and footwork.  She has helped me complete a two unit oil to gas conversion with her sound references. She relocated my business from New Hampshire to Mass to an office that will save  me even more money than when I operated in NH.  I respect her ability to work within Medford and Somerville, and maintain many connections within said communities.  She is surely someone who can and will, find you exactly what you are looking for, with a smile and a laugh.  She takes all of the stress of relocating, and negotiating and she makes it look easy.  I trust Kelly to handle it for you!  Thank you to Kelly and her team of professional businesswomen.  You have made my year, and have helped me numerous times over the past 8 years.  It's always a pleasure working with all of you at Cosmopolitan Real Estate.

Alison Gallon, FG Dental Laboratory

Yes, we are all settled in to the new place, and we really love the apartment.

  We're so happy you were able to show us the unit quickly, and that we could wrap up the deal in a short period of time. It was also a real convenience for us that we were able to move in mid-month in July and avoid the September rush for housing.  If we know of anyone else looking for an apartment in the near future, we will definitely recommend you.  Thanks again for everything! 

Jim and Michelle

Kelly was incredibly helpful when searching for my first apartment.

 She gave me all the time I needed to answer questions about the property and the area.  She made the entire process very quick and simple, and I ended up with a great location that same day! I highly recommend her!

Adam Lothrop

We used Kelly and her team to manage our property when we moved to the West Coast, and found her to be responsive and caring about both the property and the tenants.

 She is passionate, communicative, and integral.

Sam Whooley

I worked with Kelly Catallo for a number of years in renting and then selling my condo.

A key aspect to working with Kelly is speed. She gets the transaction done in a timely fashion minimizing downtime and lost revenue. She takes charge, finds solutions and ultimately gets the job done. If you want to sell or rent in Medford, call Kelly.

Kevin Mitchell

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